The Wind In The Willows Book

My 11-year-old son is still struggling with his reading skills so reading in our household is a major priority. He has struggled all along and now is just beginning to get it which is really exciting. Seeing him overcome his struggle is really an awesome treat. 

The really important thing here is that he continue reading like nobody’s business and learn that it is a journey without a destination for you’ll read and read all your lifelong finishing one book and starting another one. I really want him to learn the joy of reading and to read with comfort and ease because he will be reading in accompaniment to everything he does from schooling to repairing the kitchen sink.

My son would rather be doing just about anything else other than reading. 

He would rather be working on intricate Lego structures, playing games on either his phone or his computer, playing outside riding bikes, riding his scooter, rollerblading, hiking, training our puppy- you get it- just about everything other than reading.

However, our time spent reading great bedtime stories is never trumped by one of his other activities for obvious reason like it’s bedtime :o) but even if he was allowed another activity I seriously doubt he’d choose it over our bedtime stories. We have been reading our bedtime stories forever it seems and I hope it never ends but I know it will. For now, I’ll treasure those moments and hopefully find other great books to add to my list. 

So far I have these awesome books to share with you as being some of the greatest reads for boys 8-16 years old:

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Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone 


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 

The Hobbit 

The Hunger Games 


The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer 


The Indian In the Cupboard 

The Giver in the Quartet Boxed Set 

The Hobbit 

Encyclopedia Brown, Super Sleuth 

The Mysterious Benedict Society 

The Magician’s Nephew 

The Sinking Of The Titanic, 1912 

The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn 

The Egypt Game 

Gregor The Underlander Chronicles 

James And The Giant Peach 

The Lion, The Witch, And  The Wardrobe 

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective 

The BFG 

Lawn Boy 


The Wind In The Willows 

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