25 Ideas For Decorating A Tween/Teen Girl’s Bedroom

decorating a tween/teen girl's bedroom


Well, I could keep fooling myself all I want that it hasn’t happened in our home yet but I’m afraid it has. We have a tween and a teen girl and it looks like it’s time to find the top 25 ideas for decorating a tween/teen girl’s bedroom. Can you say Yikes!!! 😀

It just seems like yesterday that I was swaddling them, cleaning bottles and pacis until I bled, endlessly chasing them around the house for one reason or another, rescuing their most loved Barbies from serious fashion mishaps, fishing their Legos and other small items out of the potty after an impromtu “pool party”, reading books to them for hours and hours, kissing their boo boos with only the kind of tenderness that we mommies can  supply, all the endless playdates, the hours of toy cleanup that you’d gladly get back if only you could so you could both play with their awesome toys and jofully remember the day’s play, and well you get it. The list could go on and on and it would just get me to crying tears of both joy and sadness all over again if you can possibly understand what it is I’m saying.

All you moms out there with little little ones still running around like little Energizer Bunnies on Drugs 😀 you probably won’t get what I’m sharing here. All I can say to you is be sure to hug your wee little ones extra tight because before you know it these years will be gone. And to all you moms out there with tweens and teens, what on Earth have we gotten ourselves into? 😀

No, I’m really not that terrified. Afterall, I’ve already been through this once before and survived to tell the tales. 😀 I promise you there are way many more good days than bad and so much love and laughter to be had. Hormones can rage all they want because they have to settle down ever so often for a nap and then that’s when you need to be ready to pounce. That’s where I’m at right now.

My teen is yet again my lovely child that’s full of sunshine after two days of “rainy day weather” wondering if a) she’s too chubby because she’s of course already gotten her young woman curves when so many of the girls in her class have yet to experience this miracle and b) she experienced a hiccup in a close friendship like we all do from time to time that can really get us down if we read too much into it like we all tend to do from time to time.

So back to pouncing on the moment. I’ve decided that it’s time to update the girl’s rooms and really give them a place to retreat to in both times of sunshiny weather and rainy day weather. And what a great way to take this precious moment in a hormonal reprieve to bond with the two of them. 😀

I spent a lot of time gathering some ideas on just how to go about these heavenly room transformations. Here is a list of just a few of the incredible ideas or things to keep in mind when decorating the tween/teen bedroom.

25 Ideas For Decorating A Tween/Teen Girl’s Bedroom:

  1. Keep in mind that all the old child’s room decorations such as dolls, toys, planes, trains, stuffed animals, teddy bears, etc. just might not cut it anymore. 
  2.  Pink is definitely an “IN” color when decorating the tween/teen girl’s room.
  3.  You may want to stick with a theme to stay focused such as sports, celebrities, hobbies, rock stars, cars, shapes, etc. just to name a few.
  4.  Keep the wall color bright and inspiring.
  5.  Mural designs on walls are a great focal point to work on the smaller details.
  6.  The tween/teen bedroom should incorporate your growing child’s hobbies and interests. Maybe they have a very special collection they might want to display.
  7.  The new room should be functional supporting a place for doing homework, socializing with friends and most importantly for resting.
  8.  Blue is less common but can still be a great color for the tween/teen bedroom.
  9.  Decorating with strands of lights is very popular
  10. .
  11.  Keep it simple.
  12.  Contrasts in colors and in textures are very appealing.
  13.  Here are some great night lights for the tween/teen girl’s room in a variety of:

   13.  Aromatherapy is another popular item that the older girl is wanting in her new room:

   14.  Rugs are a big ticket item especially faux furry ones that can be used to decorate the floor space or chairs and other room furniture.

rugs for tween teen girls

Is this DIY pom pom rug from Live Colorful’s website just too cute for words and definitely more in tune with the younger tween/teen’s room or just right for the creative spirit. This is definitely a favorite of mine!:D

   15. Tween/teen girls love DIY projects and what a neat way for them to redecorate, redo and revamp their room all while showing off their personality and personal sense of style. This also gives them a strong sense of accomplishment and pride in displaying their special projects especially when their friends will be green with envy.

   16. Wall decor comes in all different shapes, sizes, color combinations, and ideas. It can be as original as your child. 

Tween/teen bedroom wall art

Is this just one of the cutest most affirming DIY pieces you have come across when searching the subject of tween/teen girl’s bedrooms. It will forever remind you to just plain be you and be proud of that you. This is from the blog, Lovely Indeed. I just love their blog. While you’re there getting all the instructions you need to do this project be sure to look around and see all the amazing eye candy and neat things including a wide range of DIY projects they offer for your consumption. I’m sure you too, will fall in love with this website.

   17. Keep it fun. Here let’s think accent pillows for lounging around on the floor with friends or spend a quiet day reading or playing on your phone. Maybe try one or two special stuffed animals. You’re never too old for a special friend. I spent many a day cuddling with a green froggy that was just the right size for me to tell my troubles to when all the world seemed awful cold and unforgiving.


   18. Keep it clean and uncluttered. Being able to move around and access the various different areas of your room for a teenage girl is paramount to a healthy fit.

   19. To find room for storage think about repurposing old cases such as this guitar case. What an absolutely ingenious way of not only hiding but organizing your valuables and smaller miscellaneous belongings. This idea comes to us from the website, Home BNC.

Repurposed guitar case  

   20. Stay away from ruffles and frills. These lend an air of little girl’s room unless done just right.

   21. Plants can be very homey and all around healthy. There are always the hard to kill plants that would be just right for the young tween/teen that has just about everything else on her burgeoning mind but taking care of her house plant or the artificial version that has also been proven to be a healthy addition.


   22. When I polled the girls and their friends to find out just what their ideal bedroom would house in it (realistically that is :D) when it came to having their friends over, they really wanted their own mini fridge for entertaining them of their own accord- those pesky grown-ups- why on Earth are they even around?- oh yeah, to drive you, foot the bills, supply you with an endless supply of allowance, help you with your homework, and so on and so forth…)

   22. And you guessed it. Not far behind the refrigerator came the TV. This one item is something parents find themselves on opposite sides of the fence since the beginning of time 😀 and will probably until the end of time. In our house, I must say I’m against it especially when it comes to the tendency to hide out in their room already reclusive tween/teen. I really want a reason to draw them out of their room even if it is just to watch TV. I’ve listed a really reasonable one below for all you parents out there that don’t have a problem with their child having their own television set.

    23. And of course, then there’s always the desktop computer.


   24. And here’s something that they just can’t live without… music… but of course. 


   25. Tween/teen girl’s bedding is just one that can’t be left out because it is the center point of the whole room. They have some great colors and patterns- all of them capable of fitting into any sense of room decor. Just check out these gorgeous choices. They make me want to be a teenager again. 😀


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