A Snuggly Friend For You And Me

Squishmallow cat

I love these guys! Check them out, a snuggly friend for you and me. They are Squishmallow Pillows and they are so insanely soft! We first came across them during the Valentines Day craze. They’re called Squishmallows from Kellytoy®. There are all kinds of animals to choose from and three sizes, a 13-inch, an 8-inch, and a 3.5-inches. Some of them also come in 9-inch size instead of the 8-inch. My favorite ones are Cam The Cat and Roxy The Pink Cat  . They also have Tallulah the Purple Valentine Day Unicorn , Wendy The Frog , and Holly the Purple Owl to name just a few more. They are the perfect pillow buddy to keep your little ones company during their naps or if we’re being honest, our naps :o), they are the perfect gift for anyone on your gift list, of course, the perfect Valentine’s Day present, a really cute Easter basket present, and so many more occasions. 

I have a bunch in my office under my desk (I have an L-shaped furniture arrangement) awaiting my little ones who love to arrange them just so and add either my over-sized sweater or my cozy throw to the pile and then cuddle up with their phones reading a book or watching a program. To me, this is beyond perfect often adding to my creativity when designing websites, blogging, writing my book, or working at our business on legal documents, our website, or advertising needs.

I noticed at Walgreens they have several really cute Squishmallows® out for Easter. Check them out. The Pink Spotted Cat is just one of them. They also have bunnies and a chick.

Well, one thing’s for sure, I’m going to go to bed right now with several of our snuggly friends arranged just so for a great night of rest. Just don’t tell my kiddos that I “borrowed”  theirs yet again.:o)

Do you have any of these insanely soft Squishmallows® and if you do which ones are your favorites?

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Kelli M. Riebesehl | Mommy Blogger