Hi there once again. I’m Kelli and I’m the creative genius or mad scientist behind this here little blog depending just where I’m at in this crazy life called blogging.:O) Some days I think I’m more like Wile E. Coyote chasing that elusive Road Runner! :o)

By day I can be found mommying (teaching my youngsters- we especially love science experiments and arts and crafts like whipping up a new batch of slime- always a different recipe, of course, making delicious rock candy, designing snow globes, new and exciting Mason Jar (for recipes/gifts in a jar) concoctions etc. :o) ), managing a busy household and running a successful family law law practice with my husband.

And by night long after I’ve tucked my family snuggly into bed, I’m a family lifestyle blogger blogging right beside my hubby and adorable German Shepherd Mix puppy, Boo Boo whom I’m crazy in love with, sharing the fabulous family finds that I’ve come across in my crazy travels and that I just know will help my readers live easier better lives.

I’ve been blogging for quite a while and have had several blogs before landing on this one. I’m a self-taught web designer and blogger and I love it. From the very first blog, I fell in love with the art of blogging. I didn’t start out following the whole formula that is blogging nowadays. I focused more on the business end of blogging not lifestyle blogging or mom blogging at first so I don’t have my birth stories up there or tons of cute pictures of my little ones through the years but I have finally given myself permission to just enjoy blogging and do it my way!

I started out with names that represented life with my kiddos- Lollipops Lemonade And Frogs In Hot Air Balloons, Tiptoeing Through The Tumbleweeds, and then Shooting Stars And Little Toy Cars but one of the first things you’ll learn about blogging is that you need to keep the name short so as to be more memorable and easier to find so I finally landed on Simply Kelli. (I’d love to hear what you think.)

If you come across a post branded with shootingstarsandlittletoycars.com have no worries you’re still in the right place just coming across earlier posts.:o)