Gastric Bypass Journey- The Nutrition Appointment

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Wow! Today we went to the Nutritionist which is a requirement of our surgery. We have to go several places before the surgery. There are many steps to complete before we can do the surgery. AM Nutrition was very inviting and I felt comfortable and even a bit excited and definitely on top of the situation feeling like I pretty much knew all there was to know- of course knowing it and applying it are two different things. Well, what happened was that I was turned upside down- thrown for a major loop.

This wasn’t an appointment to discuss the nutrition aspects of losing weight and being accountable for what I put in my body and what I really should be consuming. It was about what life would be like after the surgery. Not just the obvious facts being that what we eat would be a small portion and that it should be highly nutritional. The Nutritionist focused on the small details like the mechanics of eating and then digesting food. We just never think of food like this- at least I don’t. After the surgery, we will have to live a new way of life. I know this. However, these little details had me reeling and still reeling with I guess a sense of fear.

We will need to chew each bite 23-33 times in order to stimulate and ultimately to create the digestive juices needed to break down and digest our food into nutrients needed by the body for vital function. No caffeine (and don’t ask me about this one as I can’t remember why), no carbonated beverages due to the fact that this can cause bloating or fullness making it impossible to take in the nutritious choices you are to make, no candy (a lady that we know had the surgery 18 months ago can now eat a square of chocolate but it makes her extremely tired- so tired that she used that square of chocolate as a sleep aid when she can’t sleep), no smoking which is great by us, no alcohol including the glass of wine which my husband so loves, no aspirin, no Ibuprofen (Aunt Flo’s just going to have to visit someone else’s house at this rate), and there’s this really neat thing called dumping if you eat too much, have air bubbles, or eat sugar which literally is how it sounds- it forces the food out one of two ways or both- YIKES!:0O,  etc. 

I still want to go through with the surgery especially with my husband but I have to once again just say I am quite scared and quite sad- yes sad that I will never again eat treats or great foods like Spaghetti And Meatballs and great comforting carb foods- better yet to die for old-fashioned casseroles like my grandma used to make and my mom still makes- casseroles like I am learning to make and sharing here on my blog. I’m just plain sad to see the end of a lot of great things I’ve done that I do need to stop doing- the things that have gotten me in this boat-the boat I need to get out of and start living a new way of life- a healthy way of life with my husband for our children.

I would love to hear from all of you out there that have maybe been through this! Just leave any comments you might have in the comment section.

Next comes our second appointment with our primary care physician. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes.

Take Care Until Next Time,


Kelli M. Riebesehl | Mommy Blogger