Grandpa with Sabrina

Grandparents who babysit have less chance of Dementia and Alzheimers. When grandchildren arrive most people are completely delighted. Becoming a  grandparent adds to a family and makes it richer and filled with love. Getting to be a grandparent rather than a parent is delightful because you get to enjoy the shear delectableness of your grandkids and then they go home.

This has always been the joke that every generation comes to tell but it is proving to be true in the scientific community. There are tremendous benefits of grandparent involvement in childcare. Helping parents out by babysitting the grandchildren one or two days a week instead of being the sole caretaker has proven to have exceptional benefits.

Babysitting little children can often be stressful but a study has found that it can actually add years to your life. According to recent research, grandparents who acted as caregivers were more likely to extend their lifespans than grandparents who didn’t. Cleveland Clinic doctor Ronan Factora, M.D., says that the physical activity, social connectedness and mental stimulation that come with caregiving all play a role in aging gracefully.

The study looked at 500 people who were 70 years old or older over a 20-year time frame. Grandparents who had a role in babysitting for their grandkids had a lower risk of dying during that period than those who didn’t.

The reason for this is that caring for your grandchildren cam improve your health. It relieves stress. If this surprises you, understand that grandparents can usually return the kids to the parents when things get stressful. That seems to be the key to caregiving. Too much can be overwhelming but taking on responsibility in moderation can help you stay young.

Although you may think that physical health is what helps you live long, mental health plays a major part. As you get older, your risk for cognitive decline increases. Caring for grandchildren provides social interaction that can help your mind stay young.


If your grandparents have lived to a ripe old age, you might have some beautiful memories of them playing with you. You don’t have to be a grandparent to take advantage of these benefits, though. The study showed that people who care for anyone else also get the physical and mental boosts that can extend their lives.

Parents who rely on the grandparents for babysitting duties should remember that caring for kids shouldn’t feel like a burden. Grandparents should enjoy spending time with the grandkids, and caregiving shouldn’t be a source of anxiety.

What do you think about this new research? Show this to a loving grandparent you know to let them know what a positive impact their grandchildren have on their life!

Kelli M. Riebesehl | Mommy Blogger