Let's Make Childhood Forts Out Of Boxes

When I was little I would go crazy when I would find a giant box such as one my parents would have just laying around from newly delivered appliances and such. Who in their right frame of mind wouldn’t totally make childhood forts out of any box they could find?

Not only would I totally make these cardboard forts into great getaways but I would bring all my dolls and favorite toys including my kitchenware and set it up as a fort, my very own home, a  boat lost at sea, a submarine, an apartment, a cave, etc. just depending what day of the week it was and what mood I might have been in.

Cardboard boxes make great childhood play forts for kids- just add their favorite things and voila you have hours of fun to be had.Click To Tweet

I would play for hours and hours setting up everything just right making my bed over here and the kitchen over there, having my Etch A Sketch, crayons, and coloring books, my favorite book at the time which was Wind In The Willows, a flashlight, my Spirograph, my handheld gaming system- this was the one I had at the time– this is the one I would totally take with me in my special place now like my rocket to the moon or ship on the sea with these games, a puzzle book, tea set because it was always the proper thing to do to have tea time with all my pals (all my stuffed animals and dollies), my Barbie dolls to play dress-up, and of course my pillow and blankie to make things comfy. 

I mention all of this because just the other day I found our son encamped in a play fort he had made out of a very large cardboard box which he dragged into his room from the garage (we had had a large comfy chair delivered for our living room.) He had his sister’s bedspread (another story for another day as to how he just barely escaped a narrow death for this one) covering the box with all his favorite books, listening to music while he colored the insides with crayons to make it his very own living space, etc. He also had his Bearded Dragon with him on his adventure for his companion. The one thing that he included in his home decor that I never had or even thought to have is an essential oil diffuser and the accompanying essential oils. He got these from our room. He just loves them and he loves decorating his room just so. He loves having a pleasant environment to hang out in. I mean just who could go to the moon in any less style than this (that’s where he was headed.) 

Finding him with his cardboard living environment just brought all these memories flooding back and I remember to this day just how amazing the experience was making my very own cozy little nook. It makes me want to go find a cardboard box and get to work building and decorating my own little space- what do you think my husband would do if he came home and saw me doing this? Of course, he could move in with me. There’s nobody else that I would rather have there with me after all. The kids could live in their own and us in ours with Boo Boo and the other pets in their own- it could be the Riebesehl Family Compound (of cardboard boxes- just how silly is that!)

What are some of your earliest memories of making childhood forts out of boxes and just how did you make your fort your own? What special things did you bring with you?

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