Let’s Make Kindness Stones

kindness rocks

Have you ever heard of or made kindness stones or rocks before? It’s so easy to do. Really. So let’s make kindness stones right now.

You know yesterday I was talking to my mom on the phone and we had a great conversation as usual.

It is the best feeling in the whole world to really be best friends with your mom (and dad too- it’s just he was out walking their fur baby- yes my little sister 🙂 )  and be of an age where you really get your parents and where they’ve been raising me and my sisters and helping raise their grandchildren.

But back to the conversation, she is feeling a little down because she is facing some health scares and I really wanted to do something to send some kindness/love her way to brighten her day. However I needed some inspiration and then I remembered that I had recently read the blog, Coffee Cups And Crayons, and come across kindness stones/rocks which at that moment made me want so very much to be able to leave these kindness stones around her yard or on the path they walk their fur baby on.

Wouldn’t that be such an awesome way to brighten her spirits? She could find them, collect them, arrange them in a special way to have as a memory, or place them in special places for others to find them to brighten their days and chase their woes away. Knowing her, she would definitely want to spread the love and kindness to others. The only problem is I live in Arizona and she lives in Colorado. 

I came up with another plan of action to cheer her up but imagine just how much joy you could deliver to some passerby if they come across some of your hand designed rocks created with love meant to bring random acts of kindness their way.

Kindness stones are really easy to make. (Now some inner nuttiness shining through here: re-reading this sentence made me think I was seeing Kidney Stones at first and then I just had to giggle thinking about all those little calcium stones in there painted with hearts, balloons, and everything else full of love and kindness and I mean it- I swear my Kidney Stones have never felt better not even while on all those amazing hospital drugs they have! 🙂 See- serious nuttiness but in all fairness I warned you!:) )

You decorate the rocks and leave them for others to find. Any age can create them and they are a super fun act of love/kindness that have really surged in popularity in past years. There are even local Facebook Groups that share the pictures of rocks that you have found. What an amazing way to spread kindness in any community especially your own.

Megan from Coffee Cups And Crayons says that once you make one kindness rock you won’t want to stop creating them and that the kindness and love will spread even farther.


Here are the supplies you need:

  • small rocks to decorate (smooth flat ones work best)
  • paint markers, Sharpies, chalk markers (oil based usually work best but may stain clothes so use your judgment)

Making the love rocks is simple! All you need to do is paint or draw a design on the rock that reminds you of love and kindness.

For best results start with a clean, dry rock on a flat surface. Use the markers or paint pens to draw a design on the rock that reminds you of love or kindness. Wait for it to dry and leave it somewhere for someone to find.

Have fun and be sure to send me some pictures of your creative kindness stones/rocks. I can hardly wait to see them! Send them to shootingstarsandlittletoycars@gmail.com




Kelli is the creator of Shooting Stars And Little Toy Cars, a blog full of family, fabulous finds, and uncomplicated fun and learning. She believes that family activities, especially kid’s, don’t have to be difficult and that learning is always more memorable when introduced with play.

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