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I purchased two of these special lunchboxes for my husband and myself for a few different reasons. I wanted something which could keep our meal warm and our drinks, desserts, snacks, and salads cold. In addition, I wanted to have lunchboxes which accommodated our Diabetic medications, specifically our Insulin. It’s important to keep it refrigerated for it to work to its full potency. Having them for family outings were another consideration. And of course for this story’s sake, a special lunchbox system that saves the day- :o) .

We had used the lunchboxes a couple of different times with these awesome BPA free dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe Bento boxes and we loved it. We had the best lunches on those days. It was just like being at home and eating and it cost far less than going out to lunch, which is another reason we chose this specific lunchbox. We were just bleeding money by eating out and we just decided that we would not only love to have a yummy quality lunch out of leftovers and special foods which were chosen just to make our lunches special but also we would love to have the extra money for fun family activities and outings. We also bring the lunchboxes on family outings to hold necessities and special snacks and I tell you the quality of our snacks are hands down superb compared to just grabbing stuff as you go through your day.

Now we get to the heart of the story and just how this special lunchbox system would save the day. A couple of weeks ago we had our boxes packed with everything and the kitchen sink :o) and we were all ready to go to the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale. We packed up the car and away we went with our whole family. Little did we know what would happen next.

(The suspense mounting :o)) We were traveling down the highway at the speed of light (you’d believe it if you’d driven with me before :o)) and all of a sudden our tire blew. We were luckily on the outside lane and were able to pull off onto the side of the road but we were exposed to the elements and at the time it was pure sunshine and 108 degrees. We also didn’t have a spare but we did have AAA so it was just a matter of a phone call and playing the waiting game. We also had a just in case water supply in the rear of the van but that was really hot.

An hour had passed and we had some issues. The kids were hungry and really thirsty not to mention bored, hot, and restless even though they had been drinking plenty of water and playing with their homemade car activity packs which we always have on hand for long car rides. And now I had low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.

This is where our special lunchbox systems saved the day. We had hard-boiled eggs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mini pretzels, cheese, trail mix, and more as well as Gatorade powder, an on the go blender bottle, and our individual TAL Pro Water Bottle Coral 40oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless water bottles full of ice cold water. Not only did it save the day for all of us but do we ever know how to travel in style when it comes to weathering a flat tire!:o)

AAA finally arrived and saved the day right along with our lunchboxes and even though we missed going to the aquarium there’s always another day. Everything happens for a reason so maybe the sharks were going to take over the aquarium on that particular day and eat us all gone and who would take over my blog then if that happened?

Have you ever had a disaster of a day or moment where some awesome product saved your day?


  • COMPLETE MEAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ➤ Our men’s Meal Prep Bag will simultaneously keep food hot and drinks cold! This Large Meal Prep Lunch Box has 2 fully insulated compartments, that sit side by side for even weight distribution. Imagine having a hot homemade lunch every day, with an ice-cold beer to wash it down! Food stays warm for 4hrs and cold items for 5 hrs.
  • ESSENTIAL FOR LONG DRIVES, & SPECIAL DIETS ➤ This black lunch bag for men is going to save you $$$. Instead of buying food at every rest stop, take your large cooler tote bag on the road with you. Your meal plan lunch box is going to help you eat healthy, stick to your diet and avoid foods that you are sensitive to.
  • WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE WITH YOU? ➤ This hot and cold lunch box bag for bodybuilders, truckers, or construction workers can fit at least 3 locking meal prep boxes on the hot side. A blender bottle, cold water, or drink cans in the cold side. The large lunch box / insulated hot/cold cooler bag can be packed with your favorite foods, so you can TRAVEL FAR, & EAT WELL.
  • FREE BONUS 2 HOT PACKS & 2 ICE PACKS (FITTED) ➤ Our Large Lunch Box Cooler for Adults Comes with 2 slim ice packs and 2 slim hot packs (20$ Value). Specially designed to fit in the thermal lunch bag. Microwave these hot packs to keep food warm and use our frozen ice packs to keep drinks cold or fruit, fresh and cool. The ice/ heat packs are FDA APPROVED and 100% NON-TOXIC.
  • SPILL/ LEAKPROOF DESIGN & EASY TO CARRY ➤ Red Suricata lunch cooler bag is made with Premium 1680D Waterproof Polyester and thick EPE insulation inside. Nothing will leak or spill out from zippered leak proof lunch bag. Regular carry handles, and a removable long shoulder strap offers a comfortable grip. Use the large zipper front pocket for any extra flatware, napkins etc.

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